In Pursuit of the Romantic Past

Bride of Danger

Mylene and Johnny realize their destiny here and share an impassioned love

Mylene and Johnny realize their destiny here and share an impassioned love

This was my fourth book in four years and I was tired. I had a deadline. So I wrote something I wasn’t entirely satisfied with and turned it in. My editor called me on it. The only thing she really liked was the hero’s back story. So I scrapped the book, took the back story, re-set it in England and Ireland, and started all over again. I began to imagine an epic love scene in the mighty shadow of Stonehenge. Irish spies undercover in London, a grand adventure of loyalty and betrayal. And suddenly I found my passion once more.

My characters leapt off the page. The scenes began to sizzle. My editor loved it. So did my readers. It became my best-selling book to date. I learned from Johnny and Mylene’s story that an author must always seek the magic and write from the heart. It was a lesson I never forgot.

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“Bride of Danger is a fast-paced, extremely interesting historical romance that intriguingly depicts the nineteenth century Irish home rule issue from various perspectives. The relevant story line and myriad of characters bring to life the squabble between England and Ireland, still relevant today. Katherine O’Neal has climbed to the top rung of historical romance genre with this future classic.”
–Affaire de Coeur

“This novel is an adventure romance at its best. Edge-of-the-seat tension, smoldering sensuality, danger at every turn and characters who steal your heart beautifully blend to paint a perfect picture and an enthralling romance. Katherine O’Neal never disappoints her fans.”
–Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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“Aside from a refreshingly different plot, O’Neal also provides vibrant characters and settings (Dublin, London, the west country) along with plenty of intrigue, grand escapades, daring escapes, 11th-hour twists and, of course, steamy romance.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

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“Bride of Danger will keep you on your toes. Even when it seems the end has been reached, more surprises await the reader. It is one of the few novels that don’t end quietly, instead it comes to a rising crescendo of action and intrigue.”
–Middlesex News

“Bride of Danger is a fast-paced, searingly sensual novel brimming with plot twists that keep you guessing till the end. Both the premise and the characters are fresh and the book’s settings become palpable entities in themselves, contributing to the mood of intrigue and suspense. Award-winning author Katherine O’Neal has delivered another winner.”
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“This is an exciting and captivating novel that is hard to put down. One of the better summer books in this genre.”
–Annie Oakley, Rocky Mountain News

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Bride of Danger


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