In Pursuit of the Romantic Past

My One and Only

Taj MahalMy mother was British, born in India. She never spoke much about her girlhood there, but when I was young, she took our family to Delhi. One morning, when the waiter at our hotel hadn’t brought our breakfast after an interminable wait, my mother shocked my sisters and me by admonishing his rudeness in fluent Hindustani. I learned on this trip that my great-great grandfather was Colonel James Skinner, a British officer and adventurer who had fourteen wives! (His father was married to four Rajput princesses.) He was so famous in India even then that the cab driver, when he learned of the connection, took us to all the places he was known for, including the church he built, where my mother’s grandmother was buried.

So, with all this family history, you’d think I would love India, but I didn’t. I found it overwhelming and frightening. Until, years later, when my husband and I made an extensive tour of the sub-continent. On that odyssey, at the Taj Mahal, at Udaipur, at Khajuraho, I discovered the beauty of the ancient mystery that is India. My emotional journey is the basis for My One and Only.

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“A gripping journey . . . plenty of intrigue, romance, and daring.”

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“This has got to be my favorite romance novel of all time . . . The characters are beautifully portrayed and the story flows like water. The sexual-ness of this novel is absolutely outstanding. The entire book reads like a top-class fantasy filled with adventure, lust, and the steamiest erotic scenes you will ever read in a romance. The story itself is a beautiful tale of trust, love, and acceptance. This book is a must read.

And as you can tell, I love the book so much . . . I cannot give it enough praise and am on the look out for more of O’Neal’s books.

Go-out-and-buy-this-NOW worthy. And I mean NOW.”
–Romance Reviews


My One and Only


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