In Pursuit of the Romantic Past

Strangers in the Night


The Kensington Brava anthology STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT also features work by award-winning Brava authors Susan Johnson and Pam Rosenthal.

How does Kate Frost, an East End con artist, end up in Mexico masquerading as an Aztec princess? It’s all part of Rhys’ plan to bring down the most ruthless man in Mexico. Kate has always been self-reliant, but with Rhys she’s no longer in control. She becomes his pawn and finds the psychological bondage both frightening and enticing. As O’Neal pushes her story forward, you’ll be caught up in the web of intrigue, bondage and passion that holds the characters in thrall in “Fool Me Once.”
— Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

My husband and I went to Mexico City on our honeymoon. While there, I became intrigued with the Aztec culture. Years later, I read Gary Jennings’ book AZTEC which made that culture come alive and increased my interest. So when I needed an idea for FOOL ME ONCE, my second contribution to Brava’s anthology with Susan Johnson and Pam Rosenthal, I thought it might be fun to set it in Aztec Mexico.

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But on a research trip to Ixtapan de la Sal, something kept nagging at me. My original concept didn’t feel right. I couldn’t find the key to my characters. Something was missing. Then I realized what it was. I was trying to write a straight story about an Aztec princess that was falling flat. There was no zing, no pizzazz. And one day on a hike through the surrounding hills, I had an idea that stopped me cold. My character wouldn’t be an Aztec princess, after all. She would be a con artist who was posing as an Aztec princess. And suddenly it was fun again!

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If you like gutsy heroines teaming up with manly men, Strangers In The Night is a perfect choice.  Each heroine is bold and daring . . . the men are not quite sure how to deal with [them]. . . and it makes for passionate reading!

–Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews

Strangers in the Night

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