In Pursuit of the Romantic Past

Taken By Surprise


Once more these seasoned Brava authors take fantasy to new heights as they explore sensuality and sexuality in the most titillating, arousing ways.

“Katherine O’Neal puts an original spin on love and erotic romance in “Déjà Vu.” Celia Wybourne, author of sensual novels, finds herself caught in a web of passion when she meets a mysterious, magnetic man on a trip to Gibraltar—a man who claims they are soul mates and were passionate lovers in the past. Celia begins reliving that past and the tragedy and betrayal that tore them apart. Just as their relationship is reaching fever pitch, they’re captured by his enemy. Celia must spin the most heated, stimulating erotic stories (à la Scheherazade) to keep them alive. Allow yourself to be swept away by the fresh plotline and scintillating images.”

“Erotic romance fans will rejoice at having new tales that delight and excite.”
–Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

It had been a horrible couple of years for me. Someone I care deeply for was seriously ill, and I worried all the time. After seven books for Bantam, I felt written out, that I’d completed a cycle and wasn’t sure where to go from there. It was a sad and discouraging time. Then I received a call from my agent Meg Ruley. The legendary editor at Kensington, Kate Duffy, was in a bind. Someone had pulled out of an anthology at the last minute. Kate had read my earlier books and wondered if I could possibly write a novella for her in two months! I was flattered, but wasn’t sure if I could even write a shorter book. But when I spoke with Kate on the phone, I loved her immediately, so I was willing to try. Luckily, I had just been to Gibraltar and Tangier, and knew the story I wanted to tell. I worked around the clock and, sixty days later, turned in “Erotic Déjà Vu” just in time for it to go to the printer.
gibraltar montage

tangier montage

So began a wonderful relationship with Kate Duffy. She was the most extraordinary editor. Witty. Fun. Enthusiastic. She chose writers whose work she loved, then let us do what we do best. I wrote two more novellas and two full length books for Brava before Kate died. I’ll always cherish her, and think of her as the Fairy Godmother who resurrected me at a time when I needed it most.


Taken By Surprise

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Crackles with sexual excitement . . .
— Romance Reader

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