In Pursuit of the Romantic Past

The Last Highwayman

sm quote oscarI’ve always loved the romantic image of the highwayman. As a girl traveling in England, I can remember looking out the car window on a lonely Sussex road, imagining a roguish bandit galloping along the side and sweeping me away. That fantasy . . . being on the back of the highwayman’s horse, clinging to his waist, as we pounded through the countryside fleeing the hounds of our pursuers . . . the black steed rearing as my gallant abductor turned to give battle . . . made me breathless.  So I knew I had to put all these fantasies into one book that will always be special to me, THE LAST HIGHWAYMAN.

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Is there any more irresistible fantasy than being abducted by a handsome highwayman and swept into danger, adventure, and sizzling passion? Katherine O’Neal’s marvelous debut novel, The Last Highwayman, delivers historical romance that brims with sensuality and originality. Iris Johansen called Katherine O’Neal “a brilliant new talent bound to make her mark on the genre…” and described The Last Highwayman as “a thoroughly entertaining read!”
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“THE LAST HIGHWAYMAN is one of the most brilliant debut novels to come along in many months. Powerfully written, sophisticated, well researched, highly romantic, smoldering with sometimes erotic sensuality and adventure, this tale spurs the reader’s imagination to new heights. Tightly composed and carefully constructed, this is a riveting and enthralling novel . . .”    – Kathe Robin of Romantic Times

sm rt award“This is an unusual but extremely enjoyable and entertaining story peopled with fictional as well as real people of the time. THE LAST HIGHWAYMAN is a sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes sad story, but it is one that grabs your attention and pulls you right into the action. The characters, whether good or evil, are dimensional and believable, and the excitement you feel as you read this exceptionally well plotted novel never stops.”  – Rendezvous Magazine

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The Last Highwayman, available as an ebook at Amazon,

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