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Master of Paradise

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One of the bonuses of being a romance writer is the fun of traveling to the romantic places I write about, to research my books. And surely there is no more romantic and exotic place in all the world than the Seychelle Islands—the world’s last true unspoiled paradise. It’s nearly Christmas, yet I’m sitting on what has to be the most beautiful lagoon beach on earth, with a palm tree shading me from the blaze of the sun, surrounded by an ocean so deliciously and distinctively green, it looks like a Disney animation. My husband and I are completely alone. There are no tourists, no intruders of any kind. The calm and quiet lull me, as does the soothing warmth. As I write this, my husband is dribbling heated sand all along my legs—the famous Seychelle granitic sand that’s so exquisitely soft and sensual, words can’t do it justice. In the distance are crumbling pirate ruins. There are so few reminders of the modern world anywhere on these islands that it’s easy to see Gabrielle and Rodrigo frolicking on the beach and cavorting in caves.

Like Gabrielle, I believe in the spirit of places. Place is a more important element in this book than in any I’ve written before. I was reborn in the savannas of Africa, and nurtured in the gentle tides of the Indian Ocean. I can only hope I’ve been able to evoke its incomparable magic. I wish each and every one of you may experience this enchantment once in your life. And if you go, take a moment, please, to wish me back there once again.

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“MASTER OF PARADISE is the third novel penned by Katherine O’Neal, whose writing blends breathtaking adventure and wildly erotic sensuality into a mix that readers find utterly satisfying—and dangerously addictive.

Her novels are enjoyed by women and men who like reading about people living life on the edge. The characters who emerge from the pages of her books dare to live by their own rules, risking everything for what they believe in—and for each other’s love. They don’t compromise, even when society deems them outlaws.

If you’ve never read a romance, or you believe that such books could never appeal to a general readership, MASTER OF PARADISE offers an irresistible invitation: share the enchantment of a world out of time, and experience a novel that will challenge your expectations.  — HOT-OFF-THE-PRESS INK”

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“With a master’s stroke, Katherine O’Neal manages to delve into readers’ fantasies and build a multi-layered story that walks the thin line between sensuality and the erotic. A strong plot, memorable characters and a smoldering love story would be enough, but Ms. O’Neal adds just the right amount of tension and adventure to lure the reader into her web. VERY SENSUAL.”
–Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“An intriguing story that dominates the readers’ emotions as if they come to know the characters and experience their excitement with them. Every page will thrill you.”
– Rendezvous

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The world of Master of Paradise. Map copyright 1995, Ron Toelke. From the original paperback edition.

The world of Master of Paradise.
Map copyright 1995, Ron Toelke. From the original paperback edition.

Master of Paradise


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