In Pursuit of the Romantic Past

Written in the Stars

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I love ancient history, and had always wanted to go to Egypt. On the way there, I met a woman who told me Egypt is the one place that’s greater than you think it’s going to be. She said you can’t quite understand that until you go there. When I arrived, I saw immediately what she meant. Egypt is the most epic place on earth. Wandering through the monuments and temples, I wished I’d been an archaeologist. But as a writer, I realized I could be one for a time, through my characters. So I conceived a story of two archaeologists, at odds, but of course fiercely attracted to one another. In Cyprus, I visited Aphrodite’s sacred rock and knew I had to incorporate it. I wanted to capture the breathtaking majesty of these settings in my book. And fashion an intoxicating love story that would be the match of all that splendor.

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“Intricately plotted, compelling and sexy, WRITTEN IN THE STARS is a spectacular romance fulfilling Katherine O’Neal’s destiny to become a glittering star of the genre.”
–Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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“O’Neal’s skillfully written adventure brims with smoldering sensuality.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Katherine O’Neal continues to reign as the Queen of Romantic Adventure.”
–Affaire de Coeur


Written in the Stars


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